State of Connecticut Focuses On reducing School Arrests.

A significant decrease in arrests at schools across the state of Connecticut over the past several years. About 1.400 arrests at schools every referral to state juvenile courts in the last school year about 260 fewer than the 2011-2012 year.

That’s still absurd 1.400,260 fewer whatever happen to the principal office first?, and letting them decide what to do over a fight and not call the police, but the parents to come to the school.

Educators say studies show children placed into the juvenile justice system are more likely to re offend and less likely to graduate from high school and get jobs. So do we want to focus more on calling parents or the police?

I’m my opinion jail could never take the place of school when it come to disciplining youngsters. Jail will have you more negative than when you went in, it’s a learning station for wrong, at such a young age. Don’t get me wrong you have your few cases thats called for and need low officials to handle, but not 1.400! Most of the time our youngsters graduate from “PRISON to the CEMETERY!
Lets not send them there and keep them in school,, and deal with the problems in house,not outside the house (SCHOOL!)

By. Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.

Federal Inmate Antonio Barnes: Troubled Youth Questionnaire

Federal Inmate Antonio Barnes: Troubled Youth Questionnaire

If you are the parent/guardian of a troubled teen please help us find solutions by filling out this questionnaire. If you know a parent/guardian of a troubled teen please share this questionnaire with them Thank you.

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