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Incarcerate US Podcast Host Julie Cottingham Interviews Federal Prisoner Antonio Barnes, Author, Mentor, Youth Advocate and Expert

A Real Solution for Youth Violence

Not long ago I watched a talk show having discussions about teen violence. In the discussion, they spoke on one young teen girl who had committed suicide after being assisted by someone she met on the internet. While the talk show discussion centered on who’s at fault or who’s responsible, no one discussed a possible solution to the teen violence. It’s true that there are people to blame and, to me, those people are the ones in our communities as they raise our kids. Naturally, the most logical place to start for a possible solution is our own communities. The internet has become a virtual community, but it does not replace the human presence which is more significant in our “real” communities. We have stopped getting physically involved with our youths which has led to other things taking the lead in the form of support-BET, internet, video games, social media and drugs…. These numerous distractions have become vital in our youths’ lives and the role model title has added different contours to its shape, that, it is almost impossible to identify one in the communities. A real role model is someone kids look up to, who they can learn from and who they can seek advice and guidance. I was lucky growing up: I had one. The community I grew up in was basically my role model as they took extra steps to ensure, we as youngsters, did things in the “hood” with respect. We have to replant this old fashioned tradition in our communities and it should help curve the teen violence, and to me, that is the real solution.

Antonio Barnes, Author, Expert and Youth Advocate

About Antonio Barnes

Hi, my name is Antonio Barnes. You can call me Tony. I’m the author of “Prison is Not a Play Ground,” and “Bullying Is Not a Playground Game”, Blogger “” Sous chef, specialize in cake decorating, amateur masseuse, founder of S.O.S. (Save Our Selves), a program utilized as a coping mechanism for inmates, and working on S.O. Schools “Save Our Schools” and youth advocate. I’m The Bird that was depicted in the HBO hit series “The Wire”. I love writing, working out, reading, and helping people. “Race or Religion,” Don’t matter. Looks are skin deep, it’s what’s in the “Heart” that matters to me!! So share some of your wisdom with me. I know you have some to share. I’m waiting. 30 to 60. In simple language, I’m not with the games. I’m on mature times, My email is: Music: – Old School R&B – Little Country – Soft Rock – Jazz * A thought of today from me: “Try not to become a person of habits, but a person of value!” Very important. * A great pleasure in life is doing things that make a difference! * Songs to listen to: – Trish Yearwood “How Do I Live” Have a Bless Day!!! – Brian Culbertson “You’re My Music” PS. Let’s make music.

Before he landed in prison, Antonio T. Barnes, also known as “Bird”, was a reckless wild teen living the street life. He sold drugs as a young teen as well. In this book, Prison is not a Playground he encourages readers to learn from his mistakes. In simple language, he describes how and why he became involved in the street life and how it led him to disregard the rules and values his parents taught him and led to prison. This book has an important message. A great read for intermediate students who need a potent dose of reality.

Stop the Pain Campaign

How to Spot Danger at School

School is a place for learning and making life time friends along the way. Since 1970 there have been 1300 school shootings. 97 in 2018 alone, the most ever in one year. The lowest number is 11 in 1976 which shouldn’t be more!!

These school shooting numbers have been racking up like basketball scores to name a few years, 2015 (33), 2014 (44), 2015 (33), 2016 (45), 2017 (44) and already 2019 we have (18). Young people, what are we doing? Schools are supposed and should be one of our safe havens not a war zone! These numbers are so breath taking, because we shouldn’t have one child killed in our school system. Now we’re in schools teaching our children how to attend to gunshot wounds and stab wounds. It’s sad, but it’s reality now.

Young people, try to focus on treating classmates and friends with kindness and love. Something we have gotten away from your friends are not going to try to hurt or harm you. We can’t bully our classmates because others are a little slower or less fortunate than the next person. You do that, you help create madness with that person or persons. Love and kindness will take you a long way in our life. Your parents send you to school to learn not to be mean to others.

Website posting:
Any kind of website posting or blogs of school, classmates, parents or signs of anger against society. Any kind of murderous fantasies, thoughts, violence and injure to others, need to be reported to authority ASAP because most of the time this is where it begins so most of it needs to be reported to authority and principal.
Here are a few tips that would hopefully prevent a shooting or any kind of danger. Pay attention to your surroundings jat all times, anything looks out of the norm, stay focused and get out of the area and report. This one is very important, most acts, the perpretrater wears dark clothing a lot of times. “Black” if it’s a really hot day and you someone wearing these types of clothing stay calm, look at their waist for any bulging, if you see anything that’s a red flag, get out of the area and let someone in authority or principal know, you just might save your life and more!

Pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Antonio Barnes
Author, Expert, Youth Advocate


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