The Effects of Youth Violence Part-2

One of the final results of the effect of this madness will be the ones that get hurt and pays the price for the uncaring actions that was caused. Two things only happens to the accuser and it’s “DEATH or PRISON” the sad thing about this is at the they don’t even care about either because their hearts are so HARD.
The ones that are really effected by this youth violence the most are the victims, communities, the elderly, and most of all there parents, their children if they have any. A lot of young people do a lot of things and don’t realize who there effecting the most because there thinking about themselves and not the ones that love and care for them!
Every breath a person takes is ‘PRICELESS” so don’t try to put an amount on it! Lets try to soften our youths hearts again so they can realize, short cuts in life only means 2 things, it last a short time , than it cuts off. Death hurts your family and prison is one of the most miserable places you would ever want to be!! Trust me, I know!
If you can change your thinking, you can change your LIFE!!!
Make that change before it’s to LATE.
By.Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.

Federal Inmate Antonio Barnes: Troubled Youth Questionnaire

Federal Inmate Antonio Barnes: Troubled Youth Questionnaire

If you are the parent/guardian of a troubled teen please help us find solutions by filling out this questionnaire. If you know a parent/guardian of a troubled teen please share this questionnaire with them Thank you.

If you would like feedback on your answers from Antonio or would like to discuss this issue further please indicate below your preferred method of communication.
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