This is strictly speaking about those families who lost everything

My name is Rufus Rochell, incarcerated in Federal Prison at Federal Correctional Coleman. I have been in Federal prison 31 years, low level non-violent drug offense, involving crack cocaine conspiracy, serving 40 years sentence. The article I am writing today from prison is not advocating for the freedom of Rufus Rochell #08628-017, held in prison. This is strictly speaking about those families who lost everything, some lost family, loved ones,many hapitilized and some lost all their belongings in this horrified category #5 hurricane that hit the Bahamas head on. I am an orderly in Federal Prison making $23.00 a month and I make an additional $10.00 per month being a mentor, guess what? I am willing to contribute every dime of my prison salary to an honest charity organization that would make sure the funds I give goes directly toward helping those families and I further would encourage others or challenge them to do the same. I first hand understand even where I am today and have been the past 31 years, how important it is for us to give to those families victimized by hurricanes. Because some years ago here in Federal prison I spearheaded a fundraising efforts raising $4,000 dollars for hurricane Katrina victims from the inmates alone. Great appreciation to warden Holder and wonderful sponsor Ms. Rushin, Along with those at 102 Jamz radio station that help us connect with honest charity organization. I am saying to many of you that is reading my story today and it’s not about me Rufus Rochell, it about those ones you saw on the news, heard about or possibly read about who didn’t get a good night sleep night, some the past several days because they sadly can’t locate their family members, they don’t have a home, nor food or clothing everything is completely gone, WIPED OUT. We all now must say a prayer for those families and continuously asking God to heal them and restore their lives. Let us as Americans and put our hearts together as brothers and sisters, and donate funds, clothing, foods, medical attention, shelter like never before. Because these families need us now. We must put all out bitterness and anger aside and close our eyes in darkness and place ourselves in those families’ position. So many tears have been shed, kids crying for food, no funds to buy anything not even a bar of soap (to wash or take a bath. My question to many of you, have you ever been so hungry with no food and your stomach is continuously growling, you are weak and nothing to eat and hurting. So sad many of the ones you are seeing on the news crying know longer have a home, nor any of the other things mentioned. Let’s help those families out of the Bahamas now, because you never know the shoes can always land on the other foot, which might be yours.” God Bless you! Rufus Rochell #08628-017 Federal Correctional Complex-Medium P.O. BOX 1032 Coleman, FL 33521-1032

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