Thought of the Week (7/14-7/20)

KENNETH JOSEPH JOHNSON (87994071)Advice from a Greek philosopher

A young man approached a Greek philosopher and said, “I’ve come to you for knowledge.” The philosopher nodded, took the young man by the hand, and led him to a nearby river. Together, they waded into the currents, and the teacher looked at the young man and told him “hold my arm.” He then dunked the inquirers head under the water for about twenty seconds. When the young man came up, the teacher asks again, “what have you come here for?” The young man repeated, “I’ve come to you for your knowledge.” The philosopher dunked him again and this time held him down longer. As he came up, the sage asked him yet again “what do you want?” The young man sputtered “give me air! Give me air!” The philosopher then said, “When you want knowledge as much as you want air, you shall have it.”

Seven degrees of wisdom
1. He, who knows not, and strive to know, is a seeker: Aid him!
2. He, who knows not, what he wants to know, is a wander: Guide him!
3. He, who knows not, what he should know, is a sleeper: Awake him!
4. He, who knows not, and fears knowing, is enslaved: Free him!
5. He, who knows not, and rejects to know, is dead: Pass him!
6. He, who knows not, yet he claims to know, is an impostor: Ignore him!
7. He, who knows, and shares what he knows, is wise: Heed him!

Because steel sharpens steel, let’s sharpen each other…

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