What is your understanding of the parole procedure in your state, have you been to the parole board, how are you preparing for parole?

My understanding of the parole procedure in Utah is from experience and consists of: Time length, stipulations, and their professional conduct. The amount of time is attributed by a few factors: 1- How much one was given restitution and how much has been paid, I’ve seen offenders’ model excellence and earn their consideration to be terminated yet was denied due to still having restitution to pay. 2- Type of crime one committed – I was serving a 5 years-Life sentence which brought a minimum parole sentence of 3 years. At which time one would be assessed and a determination would be made for a termination. Those serving a 1 year-15 year sentence would have a minimum of 18 months parole. And those serving a 0 year – 5 Year sentence would bring a minimum of 6 months. One’s parole officer (P.O.) decides the stipulations of an offender to gear him/her toward a successful completion of parole. These stipulations range from: 1- Curfew, 2- Classes of rehabilitation to be completed, 3- Places of business and/or schools/parks being restricted to an offender if he/she is a sex offender or has an alcohol clause, 4- clothing an offender is restricted to wear/own such as bandanas or jerseys and hats, 5- the type of people an offender is allowed to associate with such as gang members, and/or known felons, 6- the ability for an offender to purchase things such as a place of residence or vehicle or entering any contracts may be limited or restricted. The list seems to never end. I have been to the board numerous times and received decisions of “re-hearing scheduled”, a few times, as well as parole granted. I had to be paroled to the federal system which means that I’m currently on parole from Utah and also a federal inmate in Coleman Florida. I have seen the board give a person the rest of his life for violating his parole by catching a DUI charge, I have seen the board override the Judge’s decision of giving an offender two “concurrent” charges of 1 year – 15 years for domestic violence and changing the term from “concurrent” to “consecutive”, and giving the offender all 30 years, and I have also seen the board give an offender 4 years on a “Class A” misdemeanor. I will not place opinion on these answers but rather leave them for your discernment the facts that they are. My preparation for parole consists first of education: I have well over a thousand hours of programming, that have assisted a “genuine” change and shift in my paradigm. I have acquired automotive tech, vocational training, solar vocational training and now culinary arts vocational training. Second is financial stability: it is hard for one who is not partaking in the criminal lifestyle of selling drugs in prison or any other criminalistic activity to stabilize financially, it is comparable to building a foundation on quicksand. Rather, I choose to support myself through drawing portraits and other pictures for people, and due to the limited ability of people who can purchase art, I make enough to ensure hygiene and some Top Ramen noodles. As for the jobs, “if” one is lucky to have a job, $15 a month will keep your head just above water. I do have an interview with “Unicor” lined up where we can make up to $200 or more per month and it will be then that I will save 90% of my wages. In losing both of my parents, I will need to secure my own housing and transportation which I plan to do so with my savings. As for work, I have taken the initiative to locate some organizations that work with the “Youth at Risk” and will reach out while in here to them in hopes for employment. I find this area to be the best for me as I have been developing curriculum to teaching change for our youth as well as putting together a gang diversion program under the K.E.A.R.N.S. T.O.W.N. acronym Keep Educating And Rise Non Stop To Obtain Wisdom & Nobility. “Kearns Town” was my gang affiliation for over 20 years that I have now turned into a “positive” opportunity for change. Under that is the gang diversion program G.A.N.G. L.I.F.E. an acronym to “Gaining A New Guidance to Lift Individuals From Error.” My passion is to help prevent the negativity and violence that is such a crisis in our communities. I also plan to engage “only” endeavors and people that are proactive. https://incarcerateus.com/members/danielmcmann/

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