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‘Stop the Pain Campaign’

Two female teens was charge with a vicious assault for beating and stripping another teen. keyasia Bell 18 and a 15 year old friend of New Haven Connecticut was charge for robbery, assault, and larceny. The victim who’s also a female with serious injuries. The victim was kicked and pushed in the face, her eyes was swollen shut.Her cellphone,sneakers, pants,and undergarments were removed in the vicious assault, her eye glasses were broken as well.
Source: Kate Ramunni.
A 15 year old girl was charged with third degree murder in the stabbing death of a 14 year boy. The 15 year old girl and her friend was walking down the street when two young men start taunting them about there clothes, the girls laughed and taunt back the guys start throwing ice and snow at them than one of the young boys raised a stick at the 15 year old girl who had a packet knife and jab him in the chest piercing his heart.
One of the sad things about this story is they wanted to try her as an adult. Thank God the Judge in the case send it to juvenile court where she can get the mental health treatment she might need. If you could see her picture it would have brought tears to your eyes, this is a child not some kind of street killer!!!!!
We have some work to do because this is happening all over this country, with all age,race,and creed.They need us.
What have you done in your community or family to curtail these problems?,if you reach one you have reach allot.

I Want to hear your comments and solutions.
By. Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.

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